Friday, 31 December 2010

TweetyTen... What a year.

Okay. I have a lot to say, and I hope I don't forget as I type. 2010 is/was one of those years. A landmark year for me, I must say. I finally graduated. Weird, considering I'm younger than I look and yet not as old as I should be having spent 9 years in and out of tertiary education trying to graduate. Apart from that it was largely uneventful, apart from online. In 2009 I met a little bird that went tweet, and I fell in love. Ours is a love made strong by the constant interference of beautiful (and not so beautiful, and sometime plain bloody stupid) minds. A love I couldn't find in real life, lifeless loser that I am (although that's not necessarily true considering the number of 'nearly-there' relationships I endured and enjoyed this year)
Anyway, this post isn't really about me. It's about the people that have made my twitter journey such a great adventure. It's not an original idea, it's something I picked up from (check that out if you can., he's quite a dude), and I'm scared of it to be honest. I follow over a thousand people and although I couldn't possibly mention each individually, even thinking of the number of tweeps I MUST mention is giving me a headache. But that's my cross to carry.
I think I'll do this in groups, to give me the impression I'm in control of what I write (that'll be the day). And so I begin, right after I rush up to the kitchen for some Perle de Lait.

Okay, first up, the Vans Boys.
@shettoo, @macallonies @ekwem and @yinkamarto. Weird how this came about. We met in diploma and weren't all that close. I think I got close to them one by one. Shittu first, then Sola, then Ekwe and Yinka around the same time. And then we had that experience that binds you for life even if you hate eachother - we witnessed a murder! (Yeah, right!) We were room mates, and that meant 1. We flaunted school rules. 2. We rock! But seriously, you probably will never meet five more different people. You'll never laugh so much and get laughed at so much either... Oh and one last thing... Don't forget the fish (I swear I'm not laughing at you)

I had to do that, even though this list is supposed to be based on tweets, cos they also keep my timeline rocking! Especially @macallonies with his random outbursts and musical opinions.

Before I proceed I should give a mention to the following tweeps. Not Vans Boys, but fam all the same

@thatboloman & @lisa_brenton. It's weird how a friend's family can feel like your family if you're not careful. These guys are just the best. Nice almost to a fault, talented, funny and crazy as you find them, luvv em both...

@Wole_, @gman_moola & @sasha_ss. Wish I'd spent more time with these guys. Funny as hell, especially the G-Man. Can really annoy you if they don't like you, but they'll probably beat you up if you try to fight back...

@xxi_v - Technically he shouldn't be a classmate as we never shared a class in our entire stay in school. But we did graduate on the same day. The weird thing is I kinda regret not meeting his mad self earlier. One hell of a crazy dude, funnier than he ought to be, scathing when he wants, but a little too nice to females... Dotun you still ain't gettin' none man. Give it up!

@ebuoe - Another weird one. He's a Man Utd fan, why on earth call him Ebuoe? Anyway it doesn't matter. He's probably the worst singer in the history of singing, but he knows his music. He also has the worst writing I've seen, but he knows his coding... He's tall and his best friend in school was short. He's another hopeless romantic who should give it up - Ebuka she likes you but just not like that! And on that note I should mention @davidadamojr, the smartest boy I've ever met... Ever. He's a dope coder and so level-headed it gets annoying... Oh yeah, and unlike me, he never just tweets for the heck of it, he tweets sense.

@Tass88 - Tall, opinionated, cute, sometimes incredibly confusing, but overall a real sweetheart, one of those people I had to force myself to like a little less than I'd like to (confusing? I said so). Right now I'm not allowed to say I love her... Oh well.

@ayanfalu @aweezysami @olawalejuve @Ka_iL I should call them the usual suspects, always popping up on my timeline with little jokes and words of encouragement and anecdotes and what not. And they try to keep me sane... Nice work guys, but I can still see my brain floating away...

@ms_kennie & @Qtie_Taiwo The cutest twins ever born. Period.

And just before I get to the really fun part... The fun part.
@LilacGMsCoitus. This is the weirdest entry on this list. I totally crushed on her. Bad idea. Not that liking her is a bad idea, far from it. But it was a bad idea. She understands jo, you don't have to. Awesomeness in a person is a hard thing to find, especially when you can't find anything you really don't like about the person. It's weird but when she was really bored and thought dissing me was such great fun, it made me laugh so hard... And of course I can't mention her without mentioning...

@phranklyn_ Mad boy. End of discussion.

@Teegurlsusie Mad girl. End of discussion. Actually so much to say about what adventures we've shared, but I'm not telling. Luvv her though... Great friend.

@bigheartpj One of those people you just fear. Because you never know what they're capable of. Till now I have no idea whether she likes me or just sees me as a potential homicide victim.

And now... Oh crap. There's one more group to get to before I get to the really fun part. Here come the dudes...
@Kyon_Eirue Real dude from the States, always showing Follow Friday luvv. Tweets regularly to share a joke and find out how I'm doin' Hope I get to meet him one day.

@mafabaalaso @Stweie_emahh & @iamstilavirgin Crazy dudes... Always have something to say about everything and regularly make me laugh.

Okay... Now that's out of the way... Here goes nothing...

@Lilmissfly - If your avatar is half as cute as hers I should be following you... Then add the fact that she's a real sweetheart, and the time we spent having public timeline makeout sessions, and you see why I'm on to a winner... I have only two criteria for following babes on twitter - a sense of humour and a ready wit... She has both.

@Miz_Twinkles - At first she stalked me and @Lilmissfly while we were having our really steamy twitaffair. Then we became friends and I saw her in a video and saw how really fit she is. Wish she was in London. I'd so make her leave her man... (hope he doesn't read this)

@funkizzle - Secondary school chums, not too close, but she's a real sweetheart, and even after I made a hash of things when she came over to London, she still had the grace to let my misdemeanour slide. That's class.

@Loulie_T - Sister of a friend, though that really has nothing to do with our friendship. I could write pages on just how awesome she is. I hope I eventually get to spend a long time with her some time soon.

@gigachic - If there was such a thing as an evil sweetheart, she would be the definition. Always quick to cut me down when I yan crap and laugh at me when I yan more crap. Another person I hope I meet someday. She rocketh!

@ThelmaTweets - This entry belongs off twitter. I cannot say a word.

@LilMiss_JoOoo - What can I say? I love her like crazy. She's just so adorable. Unbelievably cute, unbelievably naughty, such an unbelievable sweetheart. And that voice... Oh Lawd! I could live in that voice.

@adahna - I followed for one reason, and now I have a million more. We just might get twarried.

@AnnabelleKayy - Funny, weird, cute. I keep repeating these words don't I? I'll stop soon. But she really is. And I got to meet her! Bliss. I was all shy. I always get shy when girls are really cute. As in... Really cute, like so cute... As in... You know... Really really cute.

@gaminegirlie - She makes this list because she's the only person on twitter who regularly makes me think deep. I think she thinks a bit too much, but that's fine. She also has these lovely large eyes that I like a lot.

I just realised I can't possibly finish this list. There are so many names that keep creeping into my head as I type, so I'll have to stop here. I was scared when I started, and I have half a mind not to post this, but I'll let it out anyway.

Let me just round this off with a quick list of celebs that tried to create a personal rapport with me in one way or another during the year. I have nothing but luvv for these tweeps. And even if they give dodgy music I'll keep luvving them cos they rock. So here we go - @DaRealsebastian, @EvaAlordiah, @Zwagger, @Kemistry3000, @ritaUdominic, @tontolet, @MI_Abaga (still waiting on those acapellas), @Djinee, @BankyW, @Snatcha, @Sokleva, and I hope I haven't left anyone out.

Okay I'm out. If you're not on this list it's because I'm such an asshole, not because you're not absolutely amazing. I really should have more names, like @duchessdeidar, @G5R1T2EL and @moyosoreodukoya. See what I mean... Need more space and more memory banks... Thanks for understanding. Luvv you all, follow one another and spread luvv, and my new years wish for you is simple:
Soooo much good stuff is coming your way!

Friday, 15 October 2010


Here I go again. Ranting about my brilliant life, pissed off at my magnificent family, knowing exactly where I want to be but having absolutely no idea how to get there... Oh, and lonely.
Once again I'm stuck in the middle. But I'm too used to that to care. What's on  my mind now is how all this will pan out. I'm hitting Lagos next week, and of course I'm supposed to pack up Harrods and distribute it. I won't even take more than one suitcase. My gifts are already planned. Small things, but I hope they'll be appreciated. I don't know why that's bothering me, but I really do hope the people I give things to appreciate them. I'm just a bit too sensitive for my own good, and it's not as if I'm a particularly nice person.
Okay that's that part done, what next. My life has been pretty boring recently. I just can't wait to hit Lagos and destroy microphones left right and centre. That's why I'm really coming. NYSC can kiss my tiny ass. That is all.

Monday, 4 October 2010

What Am I Doing Wrong?

This will be where I vent, or exult, in life, the universe, and everything. And this is my first post on this. It might be an interesting read, but I'd like to limit it's readership.That's an odd thing to want in a blog, but as I said, I'm just venting. I might say a number of things which, in hindsight, I'll realise I shouldn't. But I should be allowed to be spontaneous and irresponsible once in a while.
So this is my first entry. And I'm venting. I'm upset. I'm caught in the middle of a 3-nation cold war and I can't stand it. Runaway? No. But I can't quite stay either. Thankfully I'm leaving here in a bit, and when I get back, the instigator of all these battles will leave for a longer bit. So I guess I'll be okay. At least for the time being.
But that's not the reason why I decided to create this blog. That was because I need to discover why I am so bloody poor at holding down relationships! I like a girl, she doesn't like me... Or vice versa. And on the rare occasion where we're both head over heels in love, something happens and I'm told it's my fault, though I can't for the life of me tell you what it is I've ever done that would make someone decide I'm not worth going out with any more... But then again, what do I know...? I could've assassinated presidents in my sleep for all I know. I could be a soviet sleeper agent (wouldn't that be cool?)
Anyway I think I'll stop here... Feel free to comment and diss me if you feel the urge.
Yours sincerely,
The boy with too much heart.

I love you if you're female. Ask me out.